Saraswatichandra 2nd May 2013 Full Episode Written Update

Saraswatichandra 2 May 2013 episode begins with Kumud's birthday and everyone coming to her room and wishing her. Saras passing her room listens all this and comes to know about her birthday. He leaves before he could wish. Kumud asks her gift and her family says its being made.

Scene change Kumari and Badimaa are having a converstaion when Kumari says to her mother that everyone loves their daughter except her. This she says after seeing Vidyachatur wearing Kumud's given kurta and praising her daughter.

She asks her mother about her father but Badimaa tries to avoid the question. She says that Kumari can ask any question except whereabouts of her father. Listening this Kumari is disheartened and says that she will find him.

Next Saras is about to wish her but some or the other interrupts him. Vidyachatur makes him happy by saying that his father would be accompanying him to see the land.

Saras calls Kumud while driving but his father takes the call and before saras could wish Kumud cuts the phone. Then she asks Kusum to pick up the phone. She does so and pretends as if she is unable to hear anything and keeps the phone down. Kusum leaves Saras calls up again but Kumud doesn't takes the call as she wants him to come home and wish her.

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