Roadies X 4th May 2013 Full Episode Written Update

MTV Roadies Season 10 - 4 May 2013 Episode is the first part of the Roadies Finale episode. Mohit and Palak from Raghu's team and Gaurav, Sonal, Ramandeep and Anirudh from Ranvijay's team were there as finalist. Ex-Roadies of Season 10 were called as always and the audience would know that what all happens when ex-roadies come and meet the finalist.

Same happened this time also the ex-roadies took out their frustrations. The one targetted most was Sonal. But she also didn't stand quietly and gave back to them.

Ranvijay then told that his team has four members who will go into battle and only two best will go forward to fight Palak and Mohit.

Ranvijay and Raghu told about the task which was chess boxing (sounds different and interesting). Ranvijay told them that a team of boy and girl will be defeating another one. While the boys will be in the ring boxing and when the time out is announced girls have to make their moves in chess.

The team that wins either knock out or check mate would be winning the task. But if the given time passes that is 2 mins pass then team members will swap positions. Girls will replace boys in ring and vice-versa.

Gaurav hit Anirudh really hard and Sonal was giving tough time to ramandeep in chess. but things changed when 2 mins passed and places were exchanged. Anirudh gave tough time to Gaurav in chess as time was passing but Gaurav didn't play his move. Ramandeep was making it difficult for Sonal in the ring.

Finally because of gaurav's less knowledge in chess Sonal also got out of the final. Ramandeep and Anirudh went to next round.

And the rest part of Finale episode will be shown next week.

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