Pavitra Rishta 3rd May 2013 Full Episode Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 3 May 2013 episode begins with Onir and Purvi are in room and Purvi says that they should take their relation ahead to complete their marriage. But Onir sees hesitation in her eyes and he says that relation can't be taken ahead like this unless she comes to him without hesitation then only. He adds that it doesn't matter to him that Arjun comes to his house.

Teju serves mangoes to her family. All of them love the mangoes and ask her how she managed to get such sweet mangoes and she tells them that Soham gave her everybody makes faces listening this. Dislike towards Soham is so much that Sachin leaves the room and goes. Manav comes and tastes mangoes and appreciates them. He asks where Teju got them from and she is about to tell him but Savita stops her.

He asks Teju to get more boxes and she says she will do that.

Arjun has some social workers at his office who tell him to bring Pari for Polio vaccination. Arjun calls Purvi but Onir takes the call and Arjun tells him about Polio thing. He says that Purvi will come for vaccination.

Soham has cooked food for Varsha which makes her happy. He tells her about the box of mangoes which he gave to Teju.
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