Pavitra Rishta 2nd May 2013 Full Episode Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 2 May 2013 Episode begins with Onir bringing milk for Pari and handing over the chain to Purvi. Purvi notices his dirty clothes and asks him reason for that. But before Onir told the reason he tells her to give milk to Pari. He notices money and asks where did it come from and she tells him that Arjun came over to meet Pari and gave it saying that she is her responsibility too but she adds that she won't be using it.

Onir then tells her how Soham got him work and till he gets ajob he would be working there only. Purvi goes to meet Archana at the hospital.

On other hand Sulochna is informed by Savita that Arjun and Purvi are still meeting. And angered Sulochna takes out her anger at Purvi in the hospital when she sees her. She says that she is not thinking about her and Onir's relation and damaging Ovi and Arjun's marriage also. She blames Purvi for Ovi and Arjun's rocking marriage. Purvi cries and leaves while Sulochna follows. And nobody notices that the patient is showing a sign of recovery by moving her hand.

And Ovi because of whom Purvi is listening things is going ahead in her life. She is with a client and telling that she can sign the contract which says that model is unmarried. Poor Purvi has to listen all of it while Ovi doesn't cares.

Teju and Soham meet in the market where Purvi sees Soham giving his mangoes for free being a brother. And she was happy seeing this moment when Savita comes taunting her the same way Sulochna did infact a bit more.

Purvi leaves crying from there as well.
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