Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd May 2013 Full episode Written Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 2 May 2013 episode starts with kajiri getting exhausted after saving so many children and only Vishnu is left. Vishnu screams for help and says that the fire is increasing so Kajiri needs to rush. Thakursa is concerned as he fears that Kajiri might not save his grandson. Kajiri assures him that she will save him.

Kajiri goes on the rope once again and reaches Vishnu she asks him to hold her tightly and she brings her safely to the safe point. Thakursa and everyone is happy that finally all the children are safe.

Sandhya helps Kajiri give her water and everyone surrounds her and sees her with thankful eyes. Kajiri is thankful to Sandhya for showing her the right path. She says that she got ahppiness by saving the kids whereas if she would have taken revenge she wouldn't have felt this way.

Suddenly Sandhya says that why are they coming near her as she is from other caste. She says that the villagers will commit a sin if they touch her or come near her. She asks Thakursa that is she right or not. Thakursa has no words infact the entire villagers stand with their heads down.

She continues that kajiri's son was killed for the caste purpose what if Kajiri had done the same today letting their children die but she didn't do it because she prefers humanity instead of caste.

She says that villagers now have an oppurtunity to amend their mistake and that is by accepting Emily and Mohit's realtionship.

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