Crime Patrol Dastak 5th May 2013 Full Episode Written Update

Crime Patrol 5 may 2013 episode, Bengaluru police finds out about Vaishali who had been prey of Abbas Ali aka Nawaz. She tells them that Nawaz had duped her the same way like other women stealing her money and jewellry. He had faked marriage with her and cleverly made her take out money from her account and give it to him. He added sleeping pills to her coffee and ran taking all her cash and jewellry worth lakhs.

Vaishali is a widow. Police gets to know that he targets those women who are either divorcee or widow and especially single mothers. They also come to know that Nawaz got arrested also with another prey of his. And after getting arrested he gave a story that he is innocent just commitment phobic. He got bailed out.

Bengaluru police come to know about Mumbai police station having record of Nawaz as Mazhar. They immediately go to Mumbai and come to know that first time he was arrested for stealing cash and jewellry from his own home. And the complaint was made by his parents. Police go to his parents' house and enquire about him but nothing fruitful comes out.

Meanwhile Mazhar is in Bhopal trapping another single mother named Nargis, who is also a divorcee and a mother of 10 year old son. He tells her that he is Javed who has come from UK and plans to take them along with him after marriage. Nargis gets convinced that she would be happy with him and convinces her son as well.

Both of them get married in Nasik and he once again dupes the lady saying he has to rush to Mumbai for Visas. He takes along all her jewellry and goes off to Mumbai. The police have got to know about Nargis and by tracking Javed's phone they come to the hotel in Nasik but before they could get hold of him he runs away once again.

Nasik police finds out that he has taken a taxi to Mumbai and after talking to the driver of that taxi they come to know about the location of that taxi. Mumbai police reaches the fixed place and arrests him.

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