Crime Patrol Dastak 3rd May 2013 Full Written Update

Crime Patrol Dastak 3 May 2013 episode started with three different families of gujarat being shown, one that of rajendra Vora, second Kunal Bhatt's and third is that of Kishore Bhagat. All three families are not connected to each other but Ahmedabad serial blasts does bring one thing common in them. 

The newspaper has notice showing the dead bodies which are burnt beyond recognition and have no relative to take it. Rajesh, Rajendra Vora's son sees the notice in newspaper and identifies the body as his father's. He takes medical reports of his father and goes to collect the body with his mother and sister. When they reach police station they come to know that somebody else has claimed the body. 

The one who has claimed the body is Sanjay Bhatt who says that it is his brother Kunal Bhatt's body. The compensation money is given to Bhatt family as it is not proved whose body it was. Vora's start their fight to prove that the body was their fathers. Meanwhile Bhagat family doesn't knows where is Kishore Bhagat as his body was also not found.

After 4 years Kunal Bhatt returns to his home and his brother and sister in law are astonished to see him. They ask where has he been but he himself doesn't remembers where all he has been. Sanjay Bhatt immediately goes to police station and tell them that his brother has returned and give back the compensation amount with interest.

Police try to contact Vora family but in vain as numbers are no more vaild and they have left their home. Police give another notice with bodies photo and message for Vora family. Rajesh comes across the notice and reaches police station but he has another family claiming his father's body. This time it is Kishore Bhagat's wife who says that its her husband. Finally DNA test is done which proves that the body is that of Rajendra Vora.

Comepensation moeny is given to them but Bhagat famliy is still unknown about what happened to Kishore Bhagat.

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