Comedy Circus Ke Ajoobe 5th May 2013 Full Episode Written Update

Comedy Circus 5 May 2013 episode was continuation of award special. The episode started with mind blowing dance performce with Savio her choreographer from  Jahalk Dikhla Jaa. The performance was outstanding. The acts started with Rajiv Thakur performing as his character of Chindo Behan once again. Other Rajeev plays Akbar and  Mubin plays Saleem though shows mimickery of Sunil Shetty and Sunny Deol at times.

How can any Akbar Saleem act be without Anarkali and that is played by Siddarth Jhadav. How beaytiful Anarkali would Siddarth Jhadav could become. Though the act was not that hilarious that it was expected but Rajiv Thakur's acting was good.

Krushna and Purvi come in an act wherein both play struggling actors and Siddarth Jhadav plays various characters. Krushna enters the stage and is in a drunken state he calls for waiter and Siddarth Jhadav comes. Purvi enters with a dance performance, she also plays a struggler. 

He asks her to do mimickery of Rekha but she does Rekha. Siddarth also did really well and the jumps he made onto Krushna scared the judges also. Judges appreciated their performance.

Rajiv Thakur was back on stage as Farooque Khan aks Shah rukh and Mubin joined him as well as Saif Ali Khan. Mantra did a good Amir Khan , first time Amir was so tall. It seemed like an all Khan act Siddarth Sagar came as disguised as Salman Khan. The conversation of all four was filled with punches.

Judges found the performance so good that they gave standing ovation.

Kapil's act was next in which he became a wife and mother who wants to be a singer. Siddarth sagar plays her husband and Sugandha plays her sister in law who has come from Mumbai and is a playback singer. Kapil's character tries learning singing from her.
Judges were impressed by the performance.

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