Comedy Circus Ke Ajoobe 4th May 2013 Full Episode Written Update

Comedy Circus 4 May 2013 episode starts with Sunil Grover making an entry with anchor Shruti Seth. It is awards night in Comedy Circus and the guests start entering. Bharti is the first one to enter. The entry of each participant and even the judge is made hilarious with the comments either they give to anchors or to each other.

John Abraham is the special guest of this episode. And he is here for a purpose, he is here to promote his upcoming movie Manya Surve. He is also one of the judge in this episode.

Award function starts and Krushna and Shweta Tewari's performance starting the award function. Kapil gets award for Dabang 5 and he comes on the and then starts his punches. He calls up on stage his grandfather on stage and that is played by Siddarth

Then came chance of next award and the award was won by Rajay Devgan. Mubin played Rajay Devgan for his movie Himmatwala.

Sudesh and Kiku's act was also good enough wherein Kiku played Shabhash Ghai. Sudesh kept on requesting Shabhash Ghai to discuss to whom award should be given and didn't let him speak. The punches were good enough to entertain the audience.

Paresh was added to the act who played Madhuri Dixit. Sudesh then disguised as Shanu and came singing. He turned into Gurdas Mann on stage only. Sudesh showed his singing skills. The best punch that he said was that nobody should go and watch Ek Thi Dayan alone instead should take their daayans along..

Arbaaz and Archana gave standing ovation to Sudesh's excellent act.

Bharti and Krushna were next to perform. Bharti played Archana in which she is too good and Krushna played Various characters. It started with Krushna's dance. Krushna plays himself in the start and Archana aka Bharti tries to make him remeber who she is.

And then comes Krushna as Arbaaz, he also denies to recognize Archana. He asks has anybody invited her to the award function and she says she is there to sell tea in function. Next disguise that Krushna takes is Rohit Shetty. The act was pretty good making the audience laugh.

Bharti's weeping style was terrific. The act ended with making John dance.

The entire episode can be called non stop entertainment.


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