CID 4th May 2013 Full Episode Written Update

CID 4 May 2013 episode starts with Abhijeet with team investigating an accident cum murder. A car has met with an accident but no driver or passengers of that car are seen. But a driver of another car that belongs to a rich businessman Harshvardhan is killed in front of that accident car. His car is parked little far off and Harshvardhan's wife who was with the driver is missing.

Shanti,wife of Harshvardhan is kidnapped and the accident was faked. Past event is shown in which Shanti and her driver Shambhu are shown stopping by the car which met with an accident to help them. But as the lady comes near the car and checks the breath of the driver she sees that he is alive and asks her driver to help but soon enough the driver stands up with a gun pointing at her.

She calls for her driver but he is shot by the driver who was faking of getting injured. In present scene, Harshvardhan comes to the crime scene and sees his driver dead.

Harshvardhan gets a call from the kidnappers who demand 5 crores from him in five installments and warns him that let CID stay away from all this. He very well knows that CID is there. He tells him where to keep the first installment and Harshvardhan keeps the money there but in presence of CID that bag is taken away by the kidnapper.

At Harshvardhan's home ACp questions his sister Mahima about where she was and she lies to him saying that she was at home only. Her lie is found when her driver says that she had gone out and her phone signals also says that she was at the market where ransom's first installment was kept.

CID follows Mahima, Harshvardhan's sister and find that she is suspiciously going to meet someone else. They follow her and find a man whom she is here to meet. The person is named Sanjay and CID comes in front of Mahima to confront her but when they does this it turns out to be something else.

In the end Sanjay, Mahima's friend is the one who has planned all the kidnapping. And he had planned this kidnapping to take revenge from Harshvardhan since he had denied his proposal for his marriage with Mahima.

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