Chan Chan 8th May 2013 Full Episode Written Upadte

ChanChan 8 May 2013 episode begins with Umaben reaching the court with ladies supporter. Nut before she could go to reach the room where Hitesh and Poorvi are getting married Chanchan leaves the room for some work with Simple. Though both cross each other but don't notice each other.

Umaben goes and says this marriage can't be done but the marriage has already been done. Soory mam you are late. Manav is not seen because he bends down to pick something and that moment Umaben is against the marriage and saying things but as soon Manav gets up she is a changed person. She says that marriage has been done now nothing can be done we must give our blessings to the newly wed and leave with other ladies.

Actually she is really clever she sees that her son is also part of the wedding so without saying a word she leaves just to prove herself good in front of her son.

Chanchan is going to enter the room but before that Simple and she gets into a converstaion where Simple mentions that Chanchan and Manav are dating each other. Umaben listens to this though she doesn't reacts to this but talks about Hitesh and Poorvi's wedding. She says that Chanchan has no rules as she helped in that marriage which she herself had stopped.

And Umaben is now thinking that how should she stop Chanchan from entering her house.

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