Chan Chan 2nd May 2013 Full Episode Written Update

ChanChan 2 May 2013 episode begins with Chanchan reaching the mall in a hurry and Manav waiting for her. She gives an explanation for her being late. She starts making him try clothes and she tells him which one is nice and which is not. Then comes selecting a saree for Poorvi ans Chanchan tries on different while Manav tells her which one suits better.

Next they go to the hotel where they book a room for Hitesh and Poorvi. Chanchan and Manav see the room and Chanchan says she would decorate the room herself. In the same hotel Umaben is also there and that too to meet Pooja's parents, Pooja girl whom she has selected for Hitesh.

A waiter by mistake drops some drink on Umaben's saree and to clean it off she goes to the same room where Chanchan and Manav are. But luckily before she could see them both of them leave the hotel.

Umaben goes to the court to sign few documents. She notices Hitesh and Poorvi's photos on the board, on asking she comes to know that these are the pictures of those who are going to get married soon. Infact Hitesh and Poorvi are getting married the very next day. Umaben decides in her mind that she won't let this happen.

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