Balika Vadhu 8th May 2013 Full Episode Written Update

Balika Vadhu 8 May 2013 episode starts with Anandi and Shiv ready for food and coming out where Abdul has already ordered specialities of Kashmir. He gives them Kawa which is Kashmir's special tea. Anandi and Shiv both taste it and like it but before they go ahead with other food he has ordered they see Abdul's tiffin which his wife has given. Anandi says that she wants to exchange her food with his tiffin.

Both Anandi and Shiv taste his tiffin as well and relish the food. Anandi says that Abdul should convey their thanks to her for such tasty food. While they are busy eating two women are staring from far and saying that its the same person.

Anandi and Shiv go out to see around and see dancers dancing in Kashmiri dress. They pull Anandi to dance and she joins them while Shiv takes pictures of her with the dancers.

In Udaipur, Sachi goes to give medicine to Dadu who says that he is reading newspaper and will have it later. That very moment Jagiya comes and says that he should have the medicine now only. Dadu follows his orders and has his medicine. Jagya says that he had come to meet them before leaving Udaipur as he is returning to Jaitsar.

Dadu asks him to stay a bit more with them but he says that he has patients to take care of and they are pretty stubborn. Dadu jokes that he is talking about Sachi. Dadu leaves Sachi and Jagiya alone but while they are talking Jagiya gets a call from Ganga. Ganga says that the radio that Jagiya gave to her has broken as Mannu had thrown it. Jagiya says that she should check the cells.

Ganga does that and finds that the problem was with the cells only. She thanks Jagiya and Jagiya asks about Mannu and tells her that he will be coming in the evening. Sachi is not liking this disturbance of Ganga's phone. After Jagiya keeps the phone she tells him that she would be coming Jaiy\tsar for some friends party soon and when she comes she will meet him surely. Jagiya says that she never used to like his place but she says he is the reason behind her liking the place.

At Kashmir, night falls and Shiv and Anandi come to their room which is all decorated with candles and flowers. Shiv gets romantic and top of that Anandi is wearing a pink saree which fills him with romance. He says that he had never dreamt of such a beautiful life partner. They both share a romantic moment and the episode ends.

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