Balika Vadhu 7th May 2013 Full Episode Written Update

Balika Vadhu 7 May 2013 episode starts with Anandi and Shiv in Kashmir entering the houseboat and Anandi feeling nice and happy seeing it. The second thing that comes into her mind is the expense and asks Shiv that it would be expensive but then in front of Anandi's happiness that doesn't matter, thats what Shiv replies.

Anandi sees a Lord Krishna's idol and Abdul  tells her that the owner of houseboat keeing in mind his customers has kept it there. He adds that him being a muslin respects all religions. Abdul leaves after this giving the couple some time for themselves.

Shiv gets romantic and comes near Anandi. Anandi asks about the dresses that she bought before leaving. She asks Shiv that he wants her to wear them thats why he asked Choti maa to buy them for her. He says he likes her as she is no matter what dress she wears. And he got her buy them because he thought that she might like them for a change.

Dadisa calls Anandi and Anandi asks her to guess where she is and she guesses it right as she very well knows about it. She then tells Anandi that Jagiya told her about her Kashmir trip. Dadisa breaks the news of gehna's pregnancy to her. Anandi is all excited hearing this news. She later discusses it with Shiv and in excitement says that everyone should have atleast one kid. Shiv asks her then we should think about our first baby.

At Udaipur, Jagiya is checking Dadu and tells that he has high BP so he should take his medicines on time. Dadu says that Anandi used to give him his medicines on time and since she is gone for two days he didn't have his medicines. Sachi says that she would give him his medicines from now on. Dadu thanks Jagiya.

At Kashmir, Anandi shows Shiv her pink suit and Shiv gets floored.

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