Saraswatichandra 16th April 2013 Full Episode Written Update

Saraswatichandra 16 April 2013 episode begins with Kumud trying to convince her father to come and join the puja along with her mother but he is still angry so he doesn't gives a bother. While she is let down Saras is confident enough and tells her that he will be convincing him and she leaves.

Saras calls Vidyachatur and says that all the guests are waiting for him and he should come down. Meanwhile Ghuman is very excited and happy seeing all the drama and Kumud's family getting defamed in front of the guests. And Kumud's sad no oils her mean intentions even more.

But her happiness is short lived as Saras comes and behind him comes Vidyachatur. Ghuman is stunned but Vidyachatur comes and starts greeting everyone and gives an excuse that it takes time to dress up like a groom. He fills his wife's forehead with sindoor. She is very happy and so is Kumud and her family.

Saras thanks his mother Ghuman who invited so many people because of which Vidyachatur came to the puja. Later Kumud asks Saras how did he convince her father and he is shown thinking how he said that so many guests have come and they are asking for him and he has no answer. He adds that his wife has given him so much and now her respect is at stake so he needs to be there. And he listens to him and comes down.

Saras is staring at Kumud while she is setting the net.

Later Vidyachatur has chat with his wife alone and she says that he has forgiven her and he says yes. They call their daughter Kumud to talk to her and Vidyachatur says that he felt bad that his daughter didn't trust him and hid the truth. Kumud says that she will win back his trust.

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