Masterchef Kitchen Ke Superstar 25th April 2013 Full Episode Written Update

Masterchef Kitchen Ke Superstar 25 April 2013 episode begins with both teams Neele Nawab and Lal Badsha working to make their Navratan thali. While Navneet's team was looking a bit distorted at the time capatin selection it seemed to stand collective in their efforts. Whereas Happy's team was not cooperating with each other.

Nisha felt that everything was being burdened on her only. Actually this is what it seemed Devyani came and handed over the halwa to Nishaji while Ripu also asked Nisha to look at the rice which he was cooking. And Happy was hovering here and there mostly.

After half an hour passed chefs declared that Neele nawab team gets a bonus which was 50 gms of ingredient more. Ripu rushed to the store room and got curd and elaichi for the team.

But the coordination made a difference and ofcourse the way dishes were cooked. Lal Badshah team won securing themselves while Neele Nawab team lost making its four contestants unsafe.

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