Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 7th April 2013 Full Episode Written Update

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 7 April 2013 episode Mahadev protects Parvati but she gives an expression that she is not happy seeing him. Ganesha comes there and asks whether Parvati knows the saint, trying to pretend that he doesn't knows his own father. And before Parvati could reply to this Mahadev has something to say on her behalf and that is when she herself doesn't knows who she is how will she know him. This agitates Parvati even more making her more determined to reach Kashi.

Ganesha apologises to his father for not taking care of his mother but Mahadev says its fine but from now on he shouldn't leave her for a single minute.

On the other hand asur Vidal and Utpal are planning to take advantage of Parvati's condition to take revenge on Mahadev.

Jalandhar comes and Shukracharya congratulate him on his victory but Jalandhar doesn't seems to be happy. He is upset due to lack of confidence in the asurs. Next interesting thing that happened in this episode is the disclosure of Indra's name in front of Jalandhar by Shukracharya as the murderer of his mother.

Indra is surely in for trouble. But most of the times it is Indra who calls trouble if who wouldn't have felt insecured and had done mistakes this situation won't have arised. Narayan, Brahma, Lakshmi all are viewing this happen.

Meanwhile Parvati and Ganesha reach Kashi and the first one whom they notice there is Daksha and Prasuti who are parents of Sati. Ganesha takes Parvati to them who try to tell her that they are her parents but she can't remember untill she touches Shakti Peeth and gets visions of Sati's past life how it was and gets even more confused.

Mahaepisode of Devon Ke Dev Mahadev next has Jalandhar just rememebering Indra killing his mother when Indra along with his cronies going by and his ahravat panicking. Brahma and Narayan are watching all this but can't do anything about this as in front of Mahadev's avtaar they are also helpless.

Indra gets down of Ahravat in scare of Jalandhar and Jalandhar takes away Ahravat by riding it. And all this is going on when Shukracharya declare Jalandhar as King.

Suddenly Himavan comes to Pravti and says that her life is in danger and she has to go with him. Even Ganesha doesn't says anything while all this is happening. Later Parvati comes to know that the Himavan is fake and he is actually Vidal asur. He takes Parvati to a cave.

Ganesha comes to the cave and starts killing the guards. Ganesha can kill Vidal and Utpal as well but Mahadev stops they are to be killed by Parvati.

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