CID 28th April 2013 Full Episode Written Update

CID Special Bureau 28 April 2013, CID is called to investigate the case of a burnt woman whose dead body is found in the society. The body of thta woman had been thrown while it was burning. They ask the people of society and they are told that the body is that of Deepti as she and her husband, Girish are missing from the building.

People of the society tell CID that Girish used to beat Deepti up very badly for petty things and they doubt that he only killed her. They go their flat on 8th floor and find Deepti and Girish's son. They give the son to the neighbours to keep and start the investigation.

They find burnt marks in the balcony along with two mobiles and a vase with blood stains. Girish is seen running and trying to find a place to hide from CId and he comes to an isolated place he sees a woman there and says that he knew that she would be there to help him.

Next scene it is shown that Girish calls one of his friends and tells him to come and meet him at a place and get some cash also. His friend informs CID and takes them as well. Girish escapes from there and CID officers chase him but Girish falls from height and dies.

As they solve the case they come to know that the chaal in which Girish was staying was that of Meenakshi who used to love Girish. They try to find Meenakshi but are not able to do so.

In the end they come to know that Deepti's maid is also involved in this and knows Meenakshi. She tells them that Meenakshi is going to come and meet her and thats when they catch her. But when they unmask the girl they find that it is actually Deepti who had planned all this and the one killed was Meenakshi.

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