Chan Chan 30th April 2013 Full Episode Written Update

Chan Chan 30 April 2013 episode begins with Himanshu calling ChanChan and asking her to help her aunty who wants to buy a dog. Chanchan agrees to help and says that she will meet that aunty and help her out. Actually its a plan of Himanshu to make Chanchan meet Umaben and he prays that the plan works positively for Manav.

Meanwhile Manav meets Hitesh and asks him whether he loves Poorvi or not and gets a positive response from Hitesh. He then guides him that he should get married to her and that too through court marriage so that his mother, Umaben, can't object in the wedding. Hitesh agrees on this but the first task he has to do is winning Poorvi's lost trust.

Hitesh goes to Poorvi and tells her that he loves him and wants to marry her in court. He doesn't pressuries her but gives her time to think. Chanchan is sitting there only and she notices that Hitesh is saying same words which she had told Manav for his friend. She understands and gives him a call but he doesn't picks it up as his mother is standing there.

He goes aside and then takes a call. She tells him about Hitesh and also tells that she knows who his friend is. Later Chanchan calls again but this time Umaben picks up the phone but before any of them could say anything Umaben keeps the phone down listening dog barks though the name on phone coming was that of Himanshu as Manav had feeded her name so.

Chanchan and Poorvi discuss Hitesh and both feel that he was true. Poorvi decides that she will give another chance to him.

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