Balika Vadhu 22nd April 2013 Full Episode Written Update

Balika Vadhu 22 April 2013 episode starts with Shiv and Anandi being locked in a room by Meenu. She asks them to talk to each other but they ask her to open the door. They plead but she doesn't hears. After few moments only she opens the door laughing.

At Badi haveli Ganga is singing a song to Mannu when Jagiya comes with a radio and ask her play this. He gifts her that but she refuses to take first but seeing that Mannu likes it she accepts it.

Though incidents in this episode was not that exciting but it was an average kind of episode. Anandi is making cake for her husband dear Shiv. She thinks that Shiv only eats halwa or kheer as sweet but she would make an exception this time. She wants to impress him and for that she looks for the receipe and starts cooking.

She is making it seriously when Shiv comes and stands near the kitchen. She gets nervous seeing him near thinking that he might see what she is making and her surprise will be ruined. She asks him how come he is at home this early. Shiv jokes by saying that she only says why he comes late from office so he came early still she is not satisfied. He tells her that he has come for a file.

He asks what is she cooking and she tells that its some sweet. He leaves and Sachi comes and notices Anandi working on something. On asking Anandi tells her that she is making cake for Shiv. Sachi runs her devil mind and while Anandi is not near the oven she increases the temperature.

Seeing a burnt cake Anandi gets disheartened that how will she impress Shiv now with a burnt cake.

Meanwhile in Badi haveli Nandu wants to go to mela with his friend but Basant refuses to take him. Jagiya tells him that he will take him. Ganga and Mannu also come there and Jagiya says that he will take them too. All four go to the mela. Jagiya sees a ride and asks Ganga to sit on that but she says she is scared so she can't but Jagiya persuades her and she does sits. But when the ride starts moving she feels scraed and holds Jagiya's hand and the eye lock they have was too good and gives a hope of possible romance in both.

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