Savdhaan India 8th March 2013 Full Episode Written Update

Savdhaan India 8 March 2013 episode was an episode based on robbery in a house wherein a girl named Jetal is with her grandmother. How both grandmother and girl fought the robbers and got them caught as well. 

It is eve of diwali when Jetal's house is being decorated and she is enjoying the festivities. Jetal is making rangoli. Her father is talking on phone and electricians are fixing the lights when her father talks about his property deal and 7 lakh rupees cash being kept at his home. The electricians overhear this.

In the evening Jetal's parents go out for visiting somebody and Jetal and her grandmother are alone at home. The  electricians come back and ask for their payment for work. Jetal's grandmother says that she can't give them money they can take from her son later.

The electrician is accompanied by his friend.and when Jetal's grandmother refuses to make payment they ask for water and with that excuse they go inside her house. The friend of the electrician grabs the old lady from back and asks her about the safe where her son keeps money.

She  is scared and shows them the safe. The friend who accompanied the electrician is specialized in breaking the safe. He takes just few minutes to break the safe and sees nothing inside except for few notes. Electrician and his friend turn upset and come to the old lady and Jetal. They ask them where is the 7 lakh rupees that her son was talking about in the morning.

Jetal and her grandmother show courage and struggle hard with the robbers. In doing so Jetal gets hurt also. But she doesn't gives up and after much efforts they finally get the robbers out and later get them arrested as well.
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