Saraswatichandra 6th March 2013 Full Episode Written Update

Saraswatichandra 6 March 2013 episode begins with Kumud coming to her room where Sarsa is sleeping just to see him once but once she enters the room she notices that he is leeping with his back turned. She is about to leave when  suddenly he turns his back and she gets to see his first glimpse. She is happy to see him.

She then starts rotating fan over his head so that he doesn't feels hot but while doing that she goes off to sleep there only. She rests her head over the side table. Saras wakes up and notices Kumud sleeping beside him and he also gets to see what he had been longing to see ever since he came to India.

Kumud wakes up and he asks why did she stopped rotating fan over him. Kumud asks him to tell the truth to her father and then leave the house. Saras says that he wants to leave the house in the night itself. She leaves the room and goes.

In the morning Kumari goes to check on Saras and comes back with the news that Saras is not in his room. Kumud gets tensed listening this she thinks that he has left the house as he said last night. But she should be happy why does her face looks upset. Maybe she has got something in her heart for him.

Actually Saras has gone to visit the village and especially the temple. On the way to temple he gets nostalgic and memories of him with his memory take a toll on him. He remembers each and every moment spent with her mother, that she called him Chandra and how only she used to come to her school without his father.

He reaches the temple, Pandit becomes happy seeing him and says that hardly any youngster comes to temple nowadays. Saras puts the prasad at the place where it used to be put years back. Pandit notices this and asks him how does he knows thia. Saras is about to tell him when he hears a lady calling for help. He sees a little boy is drowning in the lake near the temple.

Saras jumps in the lake and saves the boy. But instead of praising him for his act villagers come and start accusing him that he has no right to enter the lake.

When Kumud comes to know about this she supports Saras.
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