Saraswatichandra 5th March 2013 Full Episode Written Update

Saraswatichandra 5 March 2013 episode begins with everybody excited at Kumud's house due to surprise visit of Saras. Saras is looking for Kumud and he closes his eyes and listens to her payal but when he open his eyes he find some other girl standing next to him.

Kusum comes to kumud and tells her that Saras is much better looking than his photo. And she also says that though she has won the bet but she should meet him as he might change his heart. She praises Saras by saying that he doesn't looks a coward but a different kind of person.

Kumud's mother enters the room and asks Kusum to leave so that she can have aword with Kumud. She asks Kumud to vacate her room as Saras will be staying there. While vacating Kumud removes all her pictures from the room as she doesn't wants him to see her face as he rejected her without seeing it.

Saras is given food he keeps on looking for Kumud but not a single glimpse of her. Vidyachatur's Bhabhi orders that Kumud will take tea for Saras. And for this purpose Kumud is called. Now Kumud has to give tea and not show her face to Saras also.

She applies an idea and Saras sees Kumud coming with tea which is actually Kusum. He takes the tea while Kusum drops Kumud's payal by mistake. Saras hands over the payal to Kusum and says that give it to her and say that he won't go without meeting her. Kusum is astonished as to how did he come to know that she is not Kumud.

Kusum tells the incident to Kumud who is amazed even more listening that Saras identified that it is not her. She is thinking that how come he came to know this.

Vidya's Bhabhi along with her son goes to meet Saras thinking that he could help Yash in his career. But Saras ended the conversation before it could start by saying that he doesn't wants to remember his mother.

Later Kumud goes to see who this Saraswatichandra is and between the night she gets up and with the lantern moves to her room where Saras is sleeping.

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