Saraswatichandra 21st March 2013 Full Episode Written Update

Saraswatichandra 21 March 2013 episode begins with everybody gathering for singing and dancing program. vidyachatur asks everybody to hide as he and Gyan will sing a song and Kusum will be blindfolded and will have to search everyone. Everyone goes to hide except Kumud and Saras who stand next to each other.

Kumari takes them to hide and intentionally puts them in a room together. Kumud sees Saras is also hiding there and her dupatta gets stuck in the door. While she is trying to take it out she gets hurt in her hand. Saras comes and sees blood coming out of her hand he applies medicine. He is about to say something but our dear Kumud won't let the poor guy speak. (She is acting like wife already). She starts saying that she knows what he wants to say that he will be leaving tomorrow. And poor Saras has nothing to say except that if he causes her so much pain he would leave.

Kumud is sad though she herself packed his bag but from inside she doesn't wants him to go. She is restless and goes on the terrace she sees Saras leaving with his bags and runs to stop him but then she stops and hides behind the pillar.

Saras feels that she is there and more than that he hears her anklet. He wants her to stop him but she doesn't and he leaves tieing the kite on the main gate. Saras is walking on the road when he gets a call from Sunny who asks him whether he saw her face and he says yes. He then asks him to tell her what he feels about her.

In Dubai Ghuman gets some important documents from Laxminandan's things which makes her immensely happy. She tells her sister that she has got something that will make her trip to India even more exciting.

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