Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 5th March 2013 Full Episode Written Update

Devon Ke dev Mahadev 5 March 2013 episode starts with Lord Shiva remembering the moments when his dear daughter left him for his husband's house. Meanwhile Nahush's mother tells Ashoksundari that she alongwith Nahush have to go their Kuldevi's temple to worship them. Very next day Nahush and Ashoksundari accompanied by few guards leave for the temple.

On their way to temple Nahush makes the guards stay at a particular place untill they return. All this just to spend time with Ashoksundari alone. But that was a mistake as now Nahush and his wife are alone and Hund doesn't leaves this chnace and attacks them. Nahush is not afraid as he says that he will kill Hund then and there only. but it is not that easy because Hund is there with full planning.

Nahush is all set for fight with Hund but Hund has a different startegy as per which he originates several Hunds. Nahush can see many Hunds now and he has no clue as to which one is the actaul one. But he is determined to kill him and so decides that he would end all of them. He starts fighting them when one of them tries getting his hands on Ashoksundari but she runs off from there. But he doesn't stops and keeps on chasing while Ashoksundari keeps calling his parents and brothers for help.

Ashoksundari's voice for help is heard by her parents and brother and Ganesha comes to her help ending life of that asur with Hund's face. Kartekiya goes to help Nahush and he does help him by killing fake face Hund. Lastly actual Hund is left which is killed by Nahush. And like this he fulfills his wife's curse.

Next scene in Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 5 Mar 2013 episode is that Lord Shiva is sitting and they notice that a trouble is standing right across. On asking Lord Shiva tells Parvati that Lord Narayan is going to face this problem. And this problem will test his love for Goddess Lakshmi. Lakshmi's 5 sisters who are apsaras are doing penance to get Narayan as their husband. And unless Narayan marries them they are not going to stop their penance.

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