Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 12th March 2013 Full Episode Written Update

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 12 March 2013 episode, Mahadev and Parvati are having a good time at Parvati van which is made by lord Shiva just for his beloved wife. Parvati is enjoying each moment there waterfall, beauty, greenery everything.
Whereas at Kailash Ganesha comes searching for his father and find his asan empty. He later goes on searching for his mother and his brother who are alos no where to be found. Worried Ganesha goes to the ganas and ask them about his parents who tell them that they wanted to spend some time alone so they have gone and Ganesha shouldn't disturb him. Ganesha is happy listening this and says that in absence of Lord Shiva he will take the position.
At Parvati van Parvati asks Lord Shiva to keep her new name as they have got married again and as per the tradition the husband gives a new name to his wife. She says like he is Shiv so she is Shiva, if he is Mahadev she is Mahadevi. But Lord Shiv says that the World can call her by such names but for him she will always be Parvati. She is highly impressed by romantic talks of Lord Shiva.
Meanwhile Indra and Brahaspati dev are worried as there is a new person who is doing penance. The person's name is Trishira, Twastha's son. Indra gets worried seeing anyone doing a penance so this time is also not new. He gets worried and rushes to Lord Shiva for getting rid of his worries. When he reaches Kailash he sees Ganesha sitting at Shiva' asan giving knowledge to the Ganas.
He asks for Lord Shiva and Ganesha replies that in his father's absence he is there to help anyone and aks him what worries him this time, what is his insecurity. This surely annoys Indra who actually feels insecured everytime.


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