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Bigg Boss Season 8 - 30th September 2014 Full Episode Written Update

Bigg Boss 8 - 30 Sep 2014 episode, after all the drama and action in the task today we have second part of the task. Yesterday other team was sitting on the chairs and Deepshikha's team was irritating them which lead to all the drama. Today Bigg Boss announces that Deepshikha's team is going to sit on the chairs and the other team will irritate them to make them leave the chair.

Deepshikha is excited listening to this part of task but Karishma Tanna who was involved in yesterday's argument and drama backs off. She says that she won't be doing the task. Her adamant behaviour is hard to change. But Deepshikha goes and talks to her to make her do the task. 

Karishma is in no mood to listen and agree with Deepshikha and few housemates agree with her also. Sushant and Soni are two of them they talk about Deepshikha coming and boss around.

Deepshikha breaks into tears thinking that people in the house think that she is breaking the house and is reason for the cracks. And to some extent it is right as few of the earlier contestants are thinking this only about Deepshikha.

All this drama is part of Bigg Boss episodes since long, nothing new just the faces changes every season but drama, entertainment remains the same.

Keeping all this aside the team that wins the task will go inside. Now which team it will be is yet to be seen so don't miss ad must watch Bigg Boss 8 episodes.

Bigg Boss Season 8 - 29th September 2014 Full Episode Written Update

Bigg Boss 8 - 29 September 2014 episode, all the action that audience have been waiting for will start from this episode. Bigg Boss episodes are liked for the entertainment quotient as well as the action quotient. Bigg Boss brings such tasks and twists that the contestants are forced to loose their cool and get into arguments, prior seasons have also witnessed this 

29 Sep 2014 Bigg Boss Season 8 episode will start with secret society coming to an end. Salman Khan had asked the secret society members to pack their bags and wait for orders. Finally the orders come and in a special way just like Punit Issar's entry was made same way other two members also enter the Bigg Boss main house.

All the contestants are happy to see Deepshikha and Pritam Singh in the house. But they even more happier when they get their big surprise and that is that they are revealed that they can stay in Bigg Boss house. All the contestants were thinking that they are going to stay in that dummy plane throughout Season 8 and sleep in those uncomfortable seats.

But they get to know and see the real Bigg Boss house. But they have to meet the conditions to enter the house. The house is divided into two teams and each team has to make four members of their team sit on four seats. 

While the other team will try its best to get the other team's members leave the seats. And each team tries their best. But when such tasks comes then fights are definite to rise just like last season's cartoon task where other team had put all horrible things inside agitating the contestants.

This time the first one to get agitated is Gautam who is coated with a thing that  starts hurting him and the one who is applying that thing is Karishma Tanna. In anger Gautam abuses. The action has begun now lets see what happens next. Don't miss must watch Bigg Boss Season 8 episodes.

Bigg Boss Season 8 - 27th September 2014 Full Episode Written Update

Bigg Boss 8 - 27 Sep 2014 episode, the very first eviction of this season will take place in this episode. Salman Khan will be there to announce who is evicted from the Bigg Boss 8 house out of Sonali, Sukirti, Gautam and Natasa. 

Sonali has still not understood why she has been nominated and especially on the basis of not behaving well with female contestants. But most probably the one that will be going out seems to be Natasa because she is not a known face for the viewers and she has not been active in last 6 days to get herself known to the public. Gautam will not go as public won't like to break the new friendship between him and Diandra. But you never know who goes out as its purely based on public voting.So lets just wait and watch Bigg Boss Season 8 episodes.

Salman Khan lovers get just one episode in entire week to get a glimpse of him. And that day is the eviction day and Friday episode of Bigg Boss Season 8 is that day. Now who will be evicted and who will be safe is yet to be seen. So don't miss Bigg Boss 8 episode 6.

Bigg Boss Season 8 - 26th September 2014 Full Episode Written Update

Bigg Boss 8 - 26th Sep 2014 episode, first nominations of Bigg Boss Season 8 have been done as per which Diandra and Sukirti are nominated by contestants and Sonali and gautam are nominated by secret society. Few contestants are taking secret society seriously. But soon the fire that secret society had lighted for contestants is going to reach to them also.

Yes Bigg Boss shows that he is still the Boss and secret society members are also contestants. Bigg Boss asks Secret society to choose one from themselves as the one who is not worth being part of secret society. All three have to give the name. Now this person will be nominated or will be sent in with other contestants is yet to be seen.

Other than this things are heating up in the house and kitchen seems to be the main agenda of battle. Though this time the argument happens to be in the kitchen. Parneet and Gautam are the ones arguing. And since its just the start so the argument doesn't sparks much.

Look out for more action and entertainment and for that watch Bigg Boss Season 8 episodes.

Bigg Boss Season 8 - 25th September 2014 Full Episode Written Update

Bigg Boss 8 - 25 September 2014 episode, there seems to be partitions coming in the igg Boss house. Divisions always come in the house but this season its pretty fast. And the reason for divisions is the kitchen. Soni, Karishma, Upen seem to be in one team and Diandra and Gautam in another team. 

As the day began and kitchen was opened for the contestants. Gautam rushed to the kitchen to cook in excitement but Karishma didn't let him do that. Later Soni, Karishma talk about the whole thing with Upen and kind of bitch about Gautam.

Karishma and Soni have taken care of the kitchen on the first day and are still taking care of it. And during their conversation they mention that they are not stopping Gautam or anybody from cooking. 

Bitching has started behind the backs and where it might take is to be seen.

More divisions will be soon seen as the first nominations take place. The secret team has given a nice twist to the nominations process. They ask the contestants to nominate two persons by burning their photos in front of them. Now thats a good one and the cracks coming between the contestants are definitely going to widen and some new ones are likely to be made.

So don't miss it and must watch Bigg Boss Season 8 episodes.


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