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Bigg Boss Season 8 - 30th October 2014 Full Episode Written Update

Bigg Boss 8 - 30 October 2014 episode, it seems to be fighting mood inside the Bigg Boss Season 8 house. Though every season we have fights but in past few episodes we are having more fights here. First it was turning into a family show with father, brother and sister kind relations being made but now they don't even behave like housemates also with their volumes going up every now and then.

Yesterday's episode had Upen, Praneet and most common in arguments Gautam going loud. And in today's episode we have Ali and Praneet getting in to argument. Everything starts when Praneet goes and says about Ali to Punit and in return Punit orders Ali to clean up the garden area and that too alone.

Ali was capatin first and doing nothing instaed ordering everyone to do and now he himself has to do the work. He is not finished with garden work and sitting with Gautam when Praneet comes and asks him to go and clean the utensils. Then Minisha and Sonali also ask him to help in work. Ali's anger gets triggered then and there and he says that all will not order him as to do this and that.

Ali's volume goes up while saying this and so does Praneet's. Praneet say he has to do. Ali says he won't do all work alone and he also blames Praneet for all this as he has been going and whispering things into Punit's ears against him not cleaning properly.

Apart from all this argument Bigg Boss has directed yesterday's argument into a task. First Bigg Boss announces that those who want to give their names for captaincy should come and give their name in confession room. Gautam is the first one to go and other group keeps thinking that they should send one from their group or more should go to give their names.

Diandra and Karishma go to give their names but Bigg Boss has closed the door. Then Upen goes from the entire group to give his name and then comes the task.

In this task Upen and Gautam have a team and being the head of the team they have two helpers in their teams. Upen and Gautam will grab and sit a pillar tightly while the two helpers of opposite team would come and try to make them leave the pillar.

The one who leaves first will loose the task and the winner will become the captain. Punit and Pritam are in Gautam's team but natural. But above completing the task the question is that of captain's position so who the housemates want to make the capatin should win. Praneet says to Upen that he wants him to become the captain as Upen is more balanced than Gautam but then task is about the helpers power too and Punit is a pretty powerful person.

So don't miss the action and watch Bigg Boss Season 8 episodes.

Bigg Boss Season 8 - 29th October 2014 Full Episode Written Update

Bigg Boss 8 - 29 October 2014 episode, phone booth task is still going on. Karishma had played well and cleverly escaped nomination but Punit is trapped inside. He is as it is an emotional person and not  used to make his things done cleverly and his first task is to get Karishma and Diandra leave their make up things which seems impossible unless Karishma and Diandra themselves support.

Punit tries hard and so does his group member Pritam but Karishma knows how the task is and is not ready to help. But after the entire night has passed in the morning Karishma and Diandra put their makeup inside to fulfill Punit's task. Second task of Punit is even more tougher.

Punit is asked whom he hates the most in the house and he names Minisha. Though Minisha has not done anything that anyone would have liked her but then what she did to complete the task was really appreciable. Bigg Boss asks Punit to make Minisha bring garbage box from the store room and from her bare hands search for a clue card inside all the garbage.

Minisha does the task nicely and with full dedication and takes out all the garbage with her hands instead when she doesn't finds the clue card she herself gets inside the garbage bin to find it. Finally she gets it ut and Punit is in tears. He the most emotional person in the home, the one crying almost every week. He was crying when Bigg Boss asked who is close to him and then when he made Minisha do this.

But this task left him change his feelings towards Minisha and he goes and thanks her for what he made her do. And Minisha turns against Punit for his honesty, when Punit says that he didn't like her that's why Bigg Boss made her do that task this changed Minisha's behaviour towards Punit thinking of all bad about him.

Next to enter the booth was Sushant though Punit was the one who chose him but Sshant wasn't able to get any of his task done. First task was of getting Upen or any men get bald which led to a big verbal tiff between Upen and Gautam. Gautam commented on Upen that Sushant's best friend should get bald.

Gautam as usual goes in his style and Upen points that out, he adds that Gautam does everything for the camera. Gautam says that is his style and Upen lacks that. The argument gets too much as both start showing off that they are powerful enough to fight. It looks like a filmy scene though rather than a reality show. But everything is good that entertains the audience and all this brings in more and more audience. 

Gautam argues with everybody, Praneet also gets a bit loud with him while talking. Don't miss all the entertainment and fun and for that watch Bigg Boss Season 8 episodes.

Bigg Boss Season 8 - 28th October 2014 Full Episode Written Update

Bigg Boss 8 - 28 October 2014 episode, it starts from the night scene itself when Sonali went to Ali complaining that he is getting too much now and she doesn't likes it. She says that she is not liking the way he touches her. Ali however says that he was just having fun and didn't meant to touch her badly.

Sonali doesn't takes it and infact the entire house joins in. In the night only they are discussing all this. Ali says that he also doesn't minds when Sonali comes and hits him with his shoulder or hair. But Sonali refuses and says that he is saying it all wrong as she has never done it. Sonali is turning to be the center point of boys, Upen and Gautam are already close to her and now this incident with Ali.

This discussion carries on in the morning also and all the housemates join in. Arya also says that Ali shouldn't touch a lady without her consent. It seems that everybody is turning against the captain on this but how long will this stay can't be said because in Bigg Boss relations and people too fast.

Finally Bigg Boss intervenes and gives judgement on what Ali has done. Bigg Boss says that Ali was wrong when he touched Sonali without her comfort level. Bigg Boss removes Ali from the position of captain and nominates him for next week. Plus Ali can not become the captain in the entire season now.

A phone is put up in the garden area  which is the part of the task. But nobody knows what the task is and all are desperate to know. Karishma is the first one who gets inside the booth hearing the first bell ring. She immediately goes and picks up the call only to get into the danger of nomination. But Karishma is clever enough to escape it.

Bigg Boss gives Karishma two tasks one is convincing the housemates to put inside half of the ration so that she can be saved from nomination. And second one she makes Sonali and Sushant drink horrible tasting energy drinks. Both the tasks are completed though she used her mind for that and saved herself from the nominations.

She is asked to give another name who can get tasks done and save himself/ herself from getting nominated. She names Punit who comes into the booth and is told the rules of the booth. He is asked to make Karishma and Diandra keep their makeup things in store room. First they put some but later Karishma takes it back.

Bigg Boss Season 8 - 27th October 2014 Full Episode Written Update

Bigg Boss 8 - 27 October 2014 episode, after Soni's elimination in yesterday's episode, nominations for this week start in this episode. And nominations change the attitude of contestants a bit mostly of the ones nominated. After everybody has given the names for nomination, Ali the captain is asked to give two names for direct nomination and reason behind taking their names.

Ali takes Sonali's name first saying that she doesn't do the work and sleeps more. Second name he takes of Pritam but everybody says that he has taken wrong name and he changes the name. He takes Praneet's name instead which is not taken well by Praneet.

Ali says that Praneet has not been doing his work nicely and delaying work. Praneet doesn't says anything at that moment but when Ali has said it he takes up the topic and says that he does his work properly. He says that he is doing his work in his own way so Ali shouldn't accuse him of wrong things and should give valid reasons for the nomination.

Praneet adds that Ali should clearly say that since Praneet stands in front of Ali saying what is right and what is wrong that is the reason that he has been nominated. Mostly the whole episode goes in this Praneet's wrongful nomination. Ali tries to make Praneet understand that he had to give names so he gave.

But Praneet sticks to his point that the reason that he gave is totally wrong. 
Everybody in Bigg Boss house is playing a game whatever reason one might give for nominations but everybody is playing a well planned game. But all the planning fail in front of Bigg Boss plan.

Other than nominations and all talking about romance blooming in the house. Sonali is the main person and we have her two admirers in the house, Upen and Gautam. Sonali is talking sweetly to both now whats going on between whom is to be seen. Later by the end of the episode Sonali comes to Ali saying that he shouldn't touch her the way he does.

Dont miss all the entertainment and watch Bigg Boss Season 8 episodes.

Bigg Boss Season 8 - 25th October 2014 Full Episode Written Update

Bigg Boss 8 - 25 October 2014 episode, weekend ka vaar episode is here. All those eagerly waiting for weekend episodes can take a sigh as heartthrob Salman Khan is back again. Who will be evicted out of Pritam, Gautam, Sushant, Minisha, Sonali, Soni and Diandra. Though in past few weeks we have been seeing that evictions take place on Sundays rather than Saturdays. This week also the trend will follow.

Basically Saturday' episode includes Salman Khan taking class of all the contestants for all their acts that they did in the house the entire week. This week we had an interesting argument between Ali and Gautam which will be discussed by Salman Khan.

Don't miss out the class taking by Salman Khan, watch Bigg Boss Season 8 episodes.


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