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Bigg Boss Season 8 - 24th November 2014 Full Episode Written Update

Bigg Boss 8 - 24 November 2014 episode, the nomination special episode and with another twist as always. When the contestants are called in the confession room for giving the name, they are asked to give the name of just one person and that too whom they want to save not whom they want to nominate for eviction.

Now that trick is going to destroy everyone's planning who are here to play games. How do they forget that Bigg Boss is much better player of the game. Now each have to give name of one whom they would like to save. Karishma asks Bigg Boss that can't she give her name for saving but she can't as like this most of them would be giving their names only.

Gautam and Diandra's relation is changing nowadays and that seems to be affecting Gautam's nomination this week. And it will be most difficult for Sonali to choose because she has issues with everybody inside the house so wouldn't want to save anybody. 

Upen and Sonali have also ended their friendship and start of the argument between Sonali and Upen started in front of Salman only.

While another two housemates arguing after the eviction are Karishma and Ali. Ali apologises for his mistake in Dimpy's incident. But at the same time he openly says that it was part of his game. He accepts that he said a lie in front of everybody about Karishma because that is his game.

And he also said that he will be doing this after this also as he is playing a game and thats his way of playing the game.

Bigg Boss Season 8 - 21st November 2014 Full Episode Written Update

Bigg Boss 8 - 21 November 2014 episode, race of captaincy is back and so is the fights due to this position. Last time it was P3G which got broken up because of this and now the other group seems to be breaking up. P3G got back in Gautam's captaincy which was well evident in yesterday's episode. Diandra and Gautam also got back talking nicely.

Gautam's captaincy has brought back peace amongst several Upen also got back with Gautam and Puneet. But he seems to be breaking from his group now. And the thing that is reason for argument among the group members is captaincy.

Bigg Boss gives Puneet, Upen and Karishma a task to get captaincy. They have to ask housemates to give away their belongings for their captaincy. Three weights are put in the bedroom so that the belongings can be weighed and as per that winner will be announced.

Now Upen and Karishma are friends so its difficult for their close friend Diandra to give away her belongings to them. Diandra gave her stuff to Karishma favouring her, to make her win and this didn't go well with Upen.

Upen later asks Diandra that why didn't she help her in giving her belongings and making her win. Karishma and Diandra call her selfish that he has already been a captain and it was Karishma who has not been a single time so why not her. Upen says he can become captain for 10 times in the house which is right but arguing for captaincy is not good.

The basic agenda for winning the captaincy is to get immunity for one week. Anybody says it or not this is the main reason why everyone is so much keen in captaincy.

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Bigg Boss Season 8 - 20th November 2014 Full Episode Written Update

Bigg Boss 8 - 20 November 2014 episode, Gautam's reign as captain is going to end. But before that Gautam's captaincy has changed few relations. Diandra and Gautam's relation has taken a U turn taking them back to the first week of the season when they used to sit and even sleep hand in hand.

Diandra gave Gautam a massage and expected same from him. Diandra comes and talks to him and Gautam says that he got his memories of first week  freshened up. Doiandra also says the same and in camera also she comes and admits that in Gautam's captaincy she came to know that she was being bit harsh on him and their friendship should be given another chance. And she is happy to give that as she is liking spending time talking to him.

Other than this the major thing the captaincy. Gautam's captaincy comes to an end and now is the time to elect a new one. Bigg Boss asks Gautam to give one name from his side for the captaincy. Gautam fairly gives chance to everyone to come and expalin him why he/she wants to be a captain.

Pritam gives the real reason and that is immunity for one week from eviction. Renee says she wants to use her strong tongue in the home and for that she needs captaincy but I guess no need for captaincy for that she can do it without captaincy also. Sonali says that she wants to be captain and she has no issues with anybody at home and Gautam raises doubt that how can she be so sure that nobody has any issues with her.

And Gautam has to give names of the person whom he thinks has not done the work well in his captaincy. He targets Sonali also and wants to teach her a lesson and for that he asks her to tell her punishment herself but she refuses to do that. Gautam then orders all housemates not to talk to Sonali for atleast 2 hours but they refuse to follow this order. Upen opposes this order very strongly.

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Bigg Boss Season 8 - 17th November 2014 Full Episode Written Update

Bigg Boss 8 - 17 November 2014 episode, Arya has been evicted from the house leaving Karishma safe. Now again comes the nomination process. This Bigg Boss season is full of twists especially the way nominations are done sometimes its the captain who gives few names out of which everybody has to vote. Sometimes they have paper shredder. This time its open nominations but with a twist.

Bigg Boss announces that everybody has to give four names for nominations. These names would be mutually decided by all of them. Now this is going to be tough and arguments are bound to happen. Who will be ready to give their names for nominations. 

Gautam is given the power to make two people safe and he chooses Puneet and Ali and the reason that he gives is the way their work under his captaincy.

Dimpy and Sonali are the prime targets and they are voted. Sonali because she is too lazy in doing household work and she doesn't seems to be a strong contender in the Bigg Boss race so no use her being in the show thats what some housemates think. And it shows that Sonali just tries to play safe jumping here and there so that she remains in the show but nothing entertaining for audience.

Dimpy is taken as the P3G breaker so two votes of P3G will definitely go for her. Praneet and Pritam would like to throw her out as she broke their group with her views and too some extent provoking Gautam to argue and Praneet as well.

Two other names will be given but all these names have to be discussed amongst the housemates and then given so lets see what argument is put up when the housemates suggest these four names in front of them.

Other than these nominations we have housemates rebelling under captaincy of Gautam. Nigaar is the one objecting this time as she has objection on duties being changed daily. Gautam gives warning to her that he will be exempting three mistakes or Nos of each housemate after that he will nominate that person. Nigaar says not to threaten her.

Others are also standing against in Gautam's captaincy. Diandra is one of them, she was given bathroom for cleaning and now she is not doing it and instead messing it more. Gautam knows it that she is doing so.

More entertainment coming so watch Bigg Boss Season 8 episodes.

Bigg Boss Season 8 - 15th November 2014 Full Episode Written Update

Bigg Boss 8 - 15 November 2014 episode, weekend ka vaar with Salman Khan is back. And with Salman is back class session of the contestants. This week we had lots of action like every week for Salman to discuss. And not only audience but contestants also wait for Salman's questions and feedback on all the happenings. Other than this Arjun Kapoor will be on the show.

The major happenings that will be discussed in weekend ka vaar are argument between Puneet and Karishma over cleaning garden area. Puneet's coming out of jail, luxury budget task and the most important of all P3G's breaking during the captaincy task.

Salman is sureely going to comment on this and whether Praneet's pat as per him was actually a physical violence or not. And what was Dimpy's role in all this and how well is Gautam's captaincy going or will go.

Karishma, Arya, Gautam and Puneet are nominated this week and who will be out is yet to be seen. So don't miss it and watch Bigg Boss Season 8 episodes.


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